now learn something that you always wanted to learn from Experts

Learn that you want to learn from experts

If you want to learn something, we will find an expert for you from the Industry

Learn at a cheaper rate than Market Rate

Market Cost is Literally High. We would find a trainer at a cheaper rate than the market price for you.

Dedicated Trainer

We will find a Dedicated Trainer for you. You can learn from this Trainer at your own pace.

Learn both Offline and Online

Depending upon your requirement, we would find the trainer for you at your place. So that it would be easier for both to teach and learn offline and online.

Choose the perfect plan

Depending upon your requirement, Choose your Plan

Rs 999/-

Per skill

Customized Plan only for You

Depends on Number of Skills

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Internet is filled with knowledge. 

There are many reasons why you should pay for learning.

  1. Information is Scattered. Finding the resources would take time. So we will get in touch with you with the experts.
  2. Learning from the experts would be much easier. It will save time, and efforts.
  3. Learning from internet doesn’t always help you to solve your doubts.

I am not sure which platform are you talking about. But when it comes to CareerVictor,  We have a dedicated team who would help to find the right trainer for you within 60 Days. 

If you find someone better than us then please let us know. We would love to improve ourselves.

We have to find the best Trainers for you. So every a time, you feel to love something new , we will find a Trainer for you.

So, You have to pay Rs 999/- every a time you feel like something new.

We are only charging the mediator charges. We are not charging for the course and the trainers fee and the other fee. 

The Course Charge, Trainer Charge should be decided by the trainer and learner.

We wont Interfere between them.

It is the sole responsibility of the Learner and Trainer to talk and decide what they want.

Yes, Money will be refunded on certain conditions. These conditions are:

  1. When We cant find the Trainer for the Skills they have applied for within 60 Days.

It is upon the Trainer and the Learner. If both of them mutually agree to Learn and Teach offline, they can do that. 

If You feel that a trainer is not knowledgeable enough or not able to teach you properly.  Then we will find a new trainer for you.  You will give you 3 opportunities. 

But here is a condition. The person who is learning should intimate to change the trainer within 3 days. After 3 days, trainer wont be changed nor will be refunded even if he claims the money.

We Shall Refund you the money if we fail to achieve what we promised within 60 days.

Its all depend upon you. By Investing Rs 999/-, we will help you to find the right trainer for you. You will get a chance to learn, what you always wanted to learn from experts. This will brighten your future.

We are really sorry that it happened to you.  But We cant help you in anyways.  As we have already mentioned that we are not responsible for the cost of charged by the trainer.

For any other questions, feel free to Contact Us.

What did happy learners say about us

"I love photography but I didn't knew how to make my passion into profession and how to make money from the skills I have. I approached CareerVictor & they helped me to learn the art of making money."
"Internet world is filled with content. I was worried if my skills would come in some use. With the Knowledge of English I have I wanted to do something productive. Thank you CareerVictor enlighten me."
"Today's generation is changing. I love music, especially Harmonica. Though I found a lot of tutorials online, I was not satisfied. I wanted someone who could personally teach me. I searched personally for a trainer but I failed. Finally CareerVictor helped me to find one."
"I am an App Developer. I developed a lot of apps that could be useful for the people. But I didn't knew how to market it. Thank you CareerVictor to tell me about the Digital Marketing and guiding me the way promote my apps."

Now ! Its the time to start learning...

You have already wasted a lot of time, money and affords trying to learn. Now try our technique...

Have any other doubts ?

Feel Free to Contact US

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