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I Believe Cinematography and Photography is an Art. It is the reflection of the real life. I personally believe everyone should learn it. And CareerVictor Gave me a platform through which I can teach kids the art of cinematography up to my knowledge.
I have Got an Opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I'm being a Teacher, I always wanted to share the world about my knowledge. I wanted to teach millions how to become what they want to be. Through this platform I am able to doing it. Thank you CareerVictor.
Manoj Kumar
Entrepreneur and Trainer, Hyderabad.
Radha Krishna
I am a Software Engineer and I love Dancing and Acting. I couldn't become a Dancer or Actor but I always wanted that my talent should be useful for someone. Through CareerVictor I found many people who were interested in dancing. Now I happily Teach Dancing, Acting to those who love to learn at my free time.
I am an entrepreneur. I run multiple business in Mumbai. India is a land of money and opportunities and as per my experience people don't know how to make money with their skills. This platform gave me an opportunity to teach how to make money with their existing skills.

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Santosh Kumar

The man behind this concept, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Thinker, Social Worker and Freelancer

Bushra Rahmani

Bushra Rahmani

Creative Director, Co Founder, Content Writer, Doctor, Published Author and Owner of OakWords

Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar Das

Web Developer and Designer, Social Media Marketer, Graphic Designer and Owner of RajyaBhumika

Faizur Rahman

Content Writer, Social Media Strategist, Freelancer, Blogger, Published Author


Manoj Kumar

Digital Marketer, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Traveller

Jyoti Author

Jyoti Patel

Author, Poet, World Record Holder, Goodwill Ambassador, Founder of 3 Startup​s

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