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ab initio pilot training

Want to touch the sky? Then the Ab Initio Pilot Training Program is for you.

Ab Initio means “from the beginning”, It is a Latin word.

Ab Initio Pilot Training Program is an entry-level training where the students will be taught the craft of flying, You will be taught to become a commercial pilot from scratch. You don’t need to have a prior experience for that. You will receive airline-oriented flight training programs from the experts. Here students will be taught about different flight environments, techniques, and procedures.

One has to invest a lot of time and money to become a pilot. It takes years of practice and experience to fly a plane. And with a pilot license, one won’t be allowed to sit in the airline cockpit. One has to go through several tests and need to clear the test. So if you are looking for an alternative way then there is a fast track course which can help you to ease this problem.

By opting for the Ab-Initio Training Program, you can easily make a way to the cockpit of an airline. You can work as a Junior Staff for the Pilot

Ab-Initio Program in Detail

ab initio pilot Training
  1. You will be trained initially by your senior to become the First Officer so that you can help your seniors in an airline cockpit.
  2. You will be getting trained in the flight school.
  3. The training often takes place at the flight school of your own airline. 
  4. Once you complete your training you will get your license to fly.
  5. You need to convince your seniors that you are now skillful enough to fly. This is because they will only hire you if they need pilots.

Disadvantages of taking this training program:

  1. There is no guarantee that you will be given the license once the training is completed.
  2. This course is usually costly. It depends on where and under whom you are taking this training.
  3. At the end of this training, there is no guarantee that you will be allowed to fly.
  4. There is no guarantee that you will be allowed inside the airline cocktail.

Advantage of taking this training program:

  1. This is a fast track training program, so one doesn’t have to wait for years to become a pilot.
  2. You will be trained by an experienced pilot.
  3. You will be trained under the airline. They will take care of all the safety and requirements.

How and where can I get the Ab Initio Pilot Training?

You can take the Ab-Initio Program under a private company or in the airline itself. Contact both get the details and decide which one will suit you the best.

There are a lot of Airline Companies who are providing this training. For Example: Airbus, Fly with Gati and many more.

After the end of the private training, you have to approach the airline by yourself and convince them that you are eligible for a license and capable of flying. You have to look for job opportunities by yourself.

At the end of training by the airline, you will be having higher chances of getting placed in the same airline. 

This training program will be usually for 9 to 18 months. A person with a 0 experience can even learn and get expertise. Within 2 years, after completion of the program, you will be allowed to fly. Till then you will be working under your senior.

Cadet Admission Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Bachelor’s degree (any discipline)
  • Successful ADAPT exam and panel interview
  • Passport.
  • Have a clean police record
  • CAAP Class 1 Medical Certificate (at the time of course commencement)
  • Three copies of 2”x 2” ID photos
  • Resume
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transcript of Records
  • English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS certificate)
  • Radio Telephony Exam
  • COMPASS Test

Things you should keep in mind before applying for Ab Initio Pilot Training

It is important to have a Professional Resume for before you apply for a Pilot Training. Take the help of the resume experts, if needed who would help you to create a resume from the scratch. This would boost your chances of getting selected.

After Completion of Training you would be flying to various countries. There you should be communicating in English. If your English is not upto the mark, then you are not fit to become a pilot. Learn English from the professionals and become a pilot.

Your Analytical Skills should be strong. If you fail to qualify in the analytical skills exam then you might be rejected.
These are list of few books which you can read and practice to improve yourself.

  1. Analytical Reasoning (2018-2019) Session by MK Panday
  2. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
  3. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

Things you will be taught in Ab Initio Pilot Training Program:

  • Interview Preparation
  • MCC/Jet Transition
  • Professional Pilot Instrument Refresher
  • Simulator Observation
  • Cabin Emergency & Evacuation Training
  • Cockpit Resource Management
  • Written Test Prep
  • Certificate Conversions – ICAO/FAA

Learn More about How to become a pilot and take the first step towards it.

Dont Just Stop Here. You have to Keep Reading and Upskilling yourself. Read as many books as possible.
Here are few of the recommended books by experts.

Books to Read to Become a Pilot
Books to Read to Become a Pilot
  1. The Complete Private Pilot
  2. I am a Pilot: Read it yourself with Ladybird Level 4
  3. Pilot’s Career Guide: Step by Step Learn How to Become an International Airline Pilot
  4. Ground Studies for Pilots: Flight Planning

Even If you follow all the above process, one is not sure that every one who aspires to become a pilot doesn’t become one. What to do then? Is all the knowledge that you have gained will go in vain?

You can start spreading the knowledge in online platform. You can start teaching and start earning. You can create your own platform where you can write about your knowledge and experience and help others.

You can make use of the writing tools like Grammarly to write what you have read and use canva to create infographics and can create your own course, sell it and make money online.


If you want to become a pilot and sit in the airline cocktail and don’t want to stand in the queue then the fast track course Ab-Initio Training Program is best for you. We will even tell you about the other courses, training programs, and career opportunities related to the same.

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