Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing is related to creating, writing, and editing the different type of written contents (articles, blog entries, social media postings, emails, and papers). Content writers can either work as a freelancer and work with the clients of their choice or work in an office environment and write for a specific company. 

The typical work includes:

  • Researching the topic or Analyzing the issue.
  • Obtaining ideas and the relevant facts. 
  • Producing new, plagiarism-free, compelling contents for the target audience. 
  • Adjusting content, so they fit with the client’s guidelines.
  • Meticulously editing the written material for publication. 

Qualities required for learning those skills:

  • Language: Strong command over the language and Grammar.
  • Creative mind: Capability to create eye-catching and inspiring material for publications and online portals. 
  • Research: Ability to research and verify the factual content of written work. 
  • Compelling Writing: Ability to communicate complex subjects in easily understandable formats and instructions.

The scope of the Skill (Past, Present and Future):

Scope of Content Writing

In the world where people look up to ‘Google’ for finding a solution to all their problems, did you ever get a chance to wonder how so much information is available on the internet? 

I believe you surely would have picked your brain once in a while about who writes those articles, the blogs, and the solution to all your ‘how-to” questions, and I also believe that you know pretty well that humans are going to look up to Google Professor for finding answers to all their problems for many more decades.

Hence, you need not invite second thoughts on the scope of working as a content writer. The opportunities are available, and they are limitless for those who are willing to put their best efforts. 

Talking about the present and future scope, to say that learning this skill will help you make money online would be an understatement because you can actually make a living out of it. 

A content writer having a good command over the language can make 20,000 to 40,000 INR per month, and more depending on their work hours, dedication, skills, and their experience. 

Books to Read to become a Content Writer

I am sure, you will raise a question after reading the heading, Books!! You might be thinking, do I really need a book to become a writer? At the end of the day, Content Writing is all about Writing, then why should I read books.

Every Industry has their own way of marketing and promoting their own products. You need to understand many things before you write a content and deliver it to the clients. These content should be in the industrial standards, or clients wont accept your content. So even if you are a master in English, you need to know how capture the market using the content writing and make your clients happy.

Here are the list of must read books to learn the art of industrial standard writing:

Book that a content writer must read
  1. Content Writing Guide and Tips
  2. How Anyone Can Become an Online Content Writer
  3. Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer
  4. The Craft Of Writing (A Practical Handbook for Freelance Content Writers)
  5. English Content Writing: Learn Professional English Content Writing Skills in 30 Days
  6. The Only CONTENT WRITING HANDBOOK: A Practical Crash Course to Write 30+ Content Types & Earn Online
  7. Content Writing Step-By-Step: Learn How To Write Content That Converts And Become A Successful Entertainer Of Online Audiences
  8. Content Writing Crash Course: A Helpful Guide to make Thousands of Dollars per Month through Content Writing Services (Content and Copywriting Skills)
  9. The Only CONTENT WRITING HANDBOOK You’ll Ever Need

Websites to find content writing work:

There are a lot of websites where you can start working as a freelancer Content Writer and can start earning handful of money. Below are the list of websites where you can register yourself and find clients who are looking for writing works.

Currently, there is a huge demand of content writers in every industry. The more you get experienced the higher the chances of getting placed in better industry. But for that you have to keep upskilling yourself and have to keep on applying for jobs.

A beautiful platform has been created by published author called “OAKWORDS“. This is a platform where anyone can start learning content writing, how to earn by writing and many other things.

After you learn, its the time to apply for jobs. But is your resume sound enough to beat your competitors? If no then make your resume prepared by the industrial experts.


Content Writing is an art which you can turn into a money making business if you are passionate about it. By now you must be knowing why and how you can make use of your skill to make money, what are the books to be read, how and where to apply for jobs. If you still feel that the content is incomplete or you need any other details then feel free to contact us.

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