Academic Administrator

Academic Administrator

You want to work in the School or College or University but not as a Teacher? Then academic administrator is something for you. As a work role, you have to handle the student programs, take care of fundraising, supervision of the institution, Conduct events, and seminars, maintain student records, and many other roles and responsibilities.

Academic Administrator Salary

Your Salary will depend upon where you are about to work. Schools will pay less than colleges and universities. Your Salary will also depend upon if you are working for a Private Organisation or Government. it will also depend upon your experience.

Academic Administrator

Academic Administrator Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Academic Administrator
  1. Admissions
  2. Annual Gathering
  3. Annual Planning
  4. Assist in the improvement of education modules and programs
  5. Assist in student payroll
  6. Assist in conducting workshops, seminars, and other study programs
  7. Assist in updating lesson content
  8. Branding of School/College/University
  9. Bringing Board Exam Centres,
  10. Bringing Funds for Schools
  11. Campaigning
  12. CCTV Monitoring
  13. Child-Safety
  14. Classroom Teaching Observation
  15. Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities
  16. Collaborate with faculty to conduct new student workshops.
  17. Compliance Management,
  18. Conducting Annual Sports Day
  19. Conducting Study-Tours
  20. Coordinate various faculty searches 
  21. Coordinate with the Human Resource team and prepare ID cards for Students and Visiting Cards for Parents and Guardians.
  22. Coordinate with teachers to develop lesson plans, the academic curriculum for students, and study materials.
  23. Counseling, School Affiliation process,
  24. Curriculum Management
  25. Declaration of Results
  26. Develop academic programs and activities for students.
  27. Develop and implement key academic performance metrics.
  28. Develop and manage a complete academic support program
  29. Develop innovative strategies in academic administration functions.
  30. Discipline Monitoring,
  31. Ensure an enjoyable classroom learning experience for students.
  32. Ensuring Fear-Free Environment in the Campus,
  33. Enter details like Students Attendance, Marks in software 
  34. Encouraging Team-work
  35. Fundraising from private individuals and foundations
  36. Grievance Redressal,
  37. Handling Recruitments
  38. Happy-Learning
  39. House-keeping Supervisors,
  40. Human Resource Management
  41. Interviewing and Mentoring of the Students,
  42. Keep abreast of advanced developments in academic issues, technologies, and methodologies.
  43. Maintain the highest standards in academic administration programs, cultural events, activities, and functions.
  44. Maintain the faculty search database.
  45. Maintenance and audit of financial flows and records;
  46. Maintenance of campus buildings
  47. Maintenance of official records 
  48. Managing Teaching and Non-Teaching Stuffs
  49. Mentoring,
  50. Monitor students’ academic progress and performances
  51. Monitoring and ensuring smooth conduction of Tests & Examinations,
  52. Morning Assembly,
  53. Need to help the operations team in the academic audit.
  54. Official Communications & Addressing
  55. Over-looking/ Supervising the Accounts & Administration staff,
  56. Parents Complaints Redressal,
  57. Parents Interaction Management,
  58. Parents-Teachers’ Meetings,
  59. Patriotism and Humanity
  60. Prepare and maintain student records according to district policies and administrative regulations.
  61. Prepare a time table and coordinate with HODs for smooth flow of classes.
  62. Promoting Professionalism,
  63. Provide guidance to students on academic goals and educational issues.
  64. Provide support and guidance to academic trainees.
  65. Public affairs (including relations with the media, the community, and local, state, and federal governments)
  66. Quality Improvement
  67. Research administration 
  68. Respond to and resolve student academic issues, programs and concerns.
  69. Safety and security of people and property on the campus (often organized as an office of public safety or campus police
  70. School & Campus Management
  71. School Administration
  72. School Improvement Planning
  73. School Resources Management
  74. Student services such as career counselling, disability services, and library staff
  75. Supervise and improvise the learning management systems and processes
  76. Supervision and support of campus computers and network (information technology)
  77. Supervision of academic affairs such as hiring, promotion, tenure, and evaluation (with faculty input where appropriate)
  78. Transport Management
  79. Transport Supervisor, Wardens, Cooks, Gardeners etc
  80. Visitors & Parents Security Log-book entries monitoring
  81. Woman/Lady Staff Safety in the School Premises
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Academic Administrator Jobs

Job Opportunities of Academic Administrator

Finding a Job in this field is not that hard. Anyone Who has completed their Graduation, Degree, or Masters in Especially in the field of Education can easily get this job. 

If you want to work in this field then you have to prepare yourself first before getting a step into it.

Different Approaches to Applying for Academic Administrator Jobs:

  • You can apply for this job in Various Job Portals like Naukri, Monster
  • In today’s Generation, Schools, Colleges, and Universities even post about these openings on Social Media Like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • You can follow the local newspaper for openings too.
  • The best way is to apply in the Job Posting Portal or the Career or Contact us Page of their website. 
  • Write a mail to the Head of the School or College and they will reply back to you if there are any openings at their workplace.

Academic Administrator Skills

Skills Required to be Academic Administrator
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Can handle Students
  • Can easily adapt to any environment
  • Should be down to earth
  • Should have people convincing power
  • Should be good at decision making
  • Should be both hard and smart worker
  • Should be Respect People
  • Should be cooperative
  • Should have control over anger
  • Shouldn’t have the Stage Fear
  • Should be Responsible and Punctual
  • Should have Team Management Skills
  • Should be Good at English, and Local and National Language.
  • Should have Good at Analytical Skills

A Person who works in a school should be knowing English. As it might impact on students. Students would learn from you even if you are not a teacher. Not only that, there would be times when you have to write mails or give speech or meet with parents and other people. Grammaly would help you when you are drafting a mail. But what if you are not good at speaking? Learn to speak English from the experts and brighten your career.

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Academic Administrator Scope 

At the Initial Stage of this job, You might get the lesser pay and you might have to get a lot of transfers (Depending on their Requirement).

Later on, as you continue in your career, you will start earning more and you will be settling down in a single place.

To earn a bit of extra income while working over here, you can create your own course on what you are working and start making money online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of working as an Academic Administration


  • You can take care of your responsibilities.
  • Fixed Timings.
  • You will be staying in the Teachers Quarters.


  1. Those who cant handle Students cant work here.
  2. There might be times when you have to work much longer.

Books that you must read to become Academic Administrator

Books to read to become Academic Administrator


Academic Administrator is the course for you if you want to work in school but not as a teacher or lecturer or principal but as an administrator.

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Feel Free to Contact us.

Who can become Academic Administrator?

Anyone who has completed their graduation, preferably in the field of education and management can apply apply for this job in schools and colleges and work as an administrator over there.

How long can I work in any school/college /university as an administrator?

As long as your perform your duties well, your job is secure. You have to maintain discipline in your duty. If you are working under the government then there are fever chances of removing a person once hired whereas in private sector it is vice versa.

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