Accounting Assistant

Accounting assistant

Accounting assistant job is for those who have keen interest in accountancy. They provide administrative support to chartered accountants, and take the clerical task like handling mail, bookkeeping, and filling. 

The typical work of an Accounts Assistant includes:

  • Developing statutory accounts for the company.
  • Sorting the outgoing and incoming daily post of the company. 
  • Ensuring the records is correct. 
  • Streamlining credit and cashing debit. 
  • Reconciling the direct debits and the petty cash transactions.

Qualification required for an Accounts Assistant:

  • Diploma Course in Accounting & Finance. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting. 
  • Accounting assistance certificate by an accredited college.

Skills required for becoming an Accounts Assistant:

  1. Clear mathematical concepts.
  2. Problem-solving skills. 
  3. Good Communication Skills.
  4. Well-versed with spreadsheets, purchase ledgers, and accounting software.
  5. Ability to multitask. 
  6. Knowledge of accounting terminology and financial purposes.
  7. Knowledge of Office Program Skills.
Accounting Assistant

The scope of the skills (Past, Present, and Future):

  • Career Opportunities are high for accountants, but there has been a decline of 9 percent for the accountant assistance, mainly because of the advancement of technology. 
  • There are software that make accounting practices very accessible and decrease the need for manual work, and thus resulting in the downward trend of accounting assistance. 
  • Moreover, the job is very daunting because of complex tasks and huge responsibilities. Though, a person who is passionate about accounting can opt for this Job.
  • The salary of accountant assistance is dependent on the experience of the employee. The median annual wage of accountant assistance is approximately INR 150,558 per year.
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Accounting Assistant can work as: 

  1. Accountant 
  2. An auditor
  3. Accounting Manager 
  4. Certified Public Accountants 

Books that you must read to become an Accountant Assistant

Accounting is all about numbers, mathematics and logics. Many would be asking, Is it really important to buy a book and study to become an Accountant? Answer is YES !! Apart from Mathematics, Logics and Numbers there are a lot of things that you have to learn. You need to learn how Industry Runs and How to follow the Industrial Standards. These books which are written by Industrial experts would provide you a platform that you make you stand in this career.

Books that an Accountant Must Read
  1. Concept Building Approach to Financial Accounting for B.Com (H)
  2. Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment | 11th Edition
  3. Financial Accounting: Concept and Applications for B.Com (H)
  4. Financial Accounting – I As per CBCS Syllabus | 5th Edition
  5. Financial Accounting: A Managerial Perspective
  6. Accounting: Text and Cases (The Financial Accounting Chapters, 13th edition)
  7. Basic Financial Accounting (Text and Assignments), B.Com., Semester I, CBCS 2020

Best Online Courses for Accounting

Dont have time to read books? Want something in handy? Prefer online course? Is so then here is something for you. These are few of the best online courses that you should be registering.

  1. Disclosure of Accounting Policies
  2. Accounting for Government Grants
  3. Accounting for Investments
  4. Accounting for Amalgamations
  5. Accounting for Taxes on Income
  6. Accounting for Amalgamation
  7. Accounting for Bonus Issue & Right Issue
  8. Accounting for Liquidation of Company
  9. Accounting for Mutual Funds
  10. Accounting for Not for Profit Organisations
  11. Accounting in e-Environment
  12. Different Kinds of Accounting
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Top Colleges in India that offers Accounting courses:

Other Source of Earning

There are times when even if someone earns in millions would feel that they should earn a bit more. So are you the one who feels the same? Want to earn some extra income while working on what you love? If so then Here is something that you can do.

  1. Start Teaching Online and Make Money Online.
  2. Start your online course.
  3. Spread your knowledge to the world by writing your experience.


Accounting Assistant are really important in almost every Industry. They would have to deal with the financial issues of the industry. I am sure by now you might have a clear idea about how can you make your career as an assistant of an accountant. Still if you have any doubts then feel free to contact us.

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